Saturday, February 7, 2009

Intresting Memories

I have been reading through my sisters blogs and it has got me to thinking. There are so many fond memories of my childhood. One that I don't believe I truly remember, But I've heard the story so many times. It's almost like a memory. My two sisters (Stacey and Lori) were riding a three wheeler on our family farm and they had me on the very back behind the younger of my two sisters(Lori). I couldn't have been older than 4 years old. I was wearing a pair of overalls with the donkey from the variety show HEE-HAW on the front and the words HEE-HAW. They were speeding around thinking I could hold on, When Lori realized I was gone. She looked back and saw me rolling and she says the only thing she saw was HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW. Now I ponder, What made them think a child as young as I was would hold on? Shouldn't I have been in the middle? On second thought maybe they were trying to get rid of me! I payed them back of course. They liked to make paper dolls. I tore them up every chance I got. Ah, Sweet revenge. Oh, By the way. I love you Stacey and Lori. Your two different type of people. You both played a big part in making me the man I am.


  1. Aww, I love you too! I think you were riding in between us. I pretty sure I was in back and when you started to go, I grabbed at you but missed. I don't remember the hee-haw part, I remember seeing Mom and Dad's faces as you hit the ground and started rolling. I'm sure they were pretty upset at us for letting you fall.

  2. I love you too!
    I remember that day! Yes, you were on the back and mom and dad were out there watching! Stacy and I were riding around and you kept begging to ride too. So, as we came past ya'll, mom said to let you ride to the end of the road and back and she sat you on the back! We were suppose to go slow! But Stacy being the speed demon hit the gas and there you went HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW! I am glad you were not hurt but... I can't help but laugh! Mom told you to hang on tight lol! I think you owe me some paper dolls! As you can see.. none of this was my fault! lol